you don’t have to figure this out on your own


we nurses are a special tribe of people

We’re constantly on the run, we respond to every unsafe situation, and we hold off our break time (as long as it takes!) in order to keep our patients safe. It can be rewarding to take care of others, but also extremely challenging to find time to put ourselves first — especially at work! That’s precisely why I’m here to help. My mission as a Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach is to equip you with the practical tools you need to work without stress, eat without guilt, and live the life of your dreams (on or off the unit). And I’ve found that the best way for me to assess your current struggle is to hold a meaningful conversation with you in a strategy call.



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why you are overeating (even if you don’t want to!)

You won’t able to lose weight permanently unless you know why you are overeating! On your call with me, I will help you get to the bottom of this so you can end your weight loss struggle for good!

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Maybe you’ve dabbled with several weight loss programs here, but nothing seems to stick. You’ve seen results, but gained the weight back, in a seemingly endless cycle. Not to worry — this is my jam! On the call, I’ll show you exactly why you can’t seem to sustain your results.

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a weight loss hack customized to you

I know you’re busy, so I want to make this call as valuable as possible! That’s why I will give you an individualized & customized hack for your weight loss journey so you can start getting results right away!


By the end of the call, I will give you all the details of my 6-Week Weight Loss for Busy Nurses 1:1 Coaching Program (for working nurses only). If it turns out that the program might not be a great fit for you at the moment, I will still give you my best recommendations to help you stay motivated so you can move forward with your weight loss goals.


your time matters to me

I get it. I know you have a lot of things on your to-do list, and I value your time very much! That is why I keep my calls brief (30 minutes at a time), which is more than enough time for me to evaluate your needs, and give you my best recommendation to kickstart your permanent weight loss journey!


real nurses, real results






I can’t wait to help you kickstart your permanent weight loss journey! To get started, select a date/time in the calendar below (be sure it is set in your time zone). Instructions on how to get on the call with me will be e-mailed to you immediately after you sign up. During the call, I’ll coach you on your current weight loss struggle (no obligations, whatsoever), and we’ll see if my 6-week program is a good fit for you!