permanent weight loss for busy nurses

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Listen to my Mini Episode below about how to manage food cravings at work:

If you search “Weight Loss for Nurses” in Google, the only things you might see are a few articles here and there about how to eat, the importance of getting enough sleep, and maybe some exercises that nurses can do to tone up. But there is almost no information about why managing your brain is literally the only way to lose weight permanently.

Even if an article talks about the importance of mindset (which some articles do mention), there are no specific instructions on how to actually change your thinking so you can deliberately live the life you want, at the weight of your choice.

Now, that will all change.

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With my upcoming podcast “Permanent Weight Loss for Busy Nurses,” nurses will be able to learn how to manage their minds with evidence-based mind care tools so they know exactly how to overcome work-related stress, how to actually improve their relationship with themselves, and how to keep the weight off for good.

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As a working inpatient bedside nurse myself (for 7 years!), I will use my podcast to teach busy, working nurses how I managed my own mind around my weight, work, and wellness, and how applying these tools to my own life (and the lives of my clients) produced incredible results. Some other amazing things you’ll discover:

  • Why managing your brain is the only way to lose weight permanently

  • How to gain freedom from any uncomfortable feeling, including stress, food cravings, and exhaustion

  • How to create the work environment you’ve always wanted

  • And much more!


Stay tuned for the podcast launch in March 2019!